The Children's ministry at Eldad Elim Church is committed to bringing children into an environment where they can learn about and experience God, and grow in their relationship with Him. The leaders are passionate about seeing children connect with God and others in a fun and highly energised interactive programme.

We are committed to helping children know Jesus personally, grow spiritually and experience all that God has for them.


Children are very welcome in our services and are not expected to sit still and be quiet!

On most Sunday mornings the children join in the first part of the service with the adults, before leaving to enjoy relevant Bible teaching, music, group discussion and age-appropriate activities in other rooms.

They split into two age-groups:


This is for children aged 4-10 years old. These sessions consist of fun activities, stories and games.

Upstairs Group

This group is for anyone aged 10-15 years old. This group focuses on Biblical teaching in a fun and interactive way.



We also have a creche room, packed with toys, just off the main service area, where parents can take babies and toddlers if they are unsettled during the service. There is a large window and speakers so that you can still see and hear what is happening in the main service.