Explore Together

Explore Together All Age Service

Eldad is full of variety! We are different ages, from different backgrounds, different cultures, different faith journeys. We also learn in different ways: some of us like to listen, some to talk; some are doers, some are thinkers. 

Explore Together is an exciting way of doing all-age worship which recognises those different learning preferences.

Each week, after a short time of worship, we will take a Bible passage and explore it together in different Learning Zones - you choose which one(s) you want to try. You can join a discussion, be creative, listen, read, look, or just be quiet and reflective, or try them all! There will be resources for all ages in the Zones.

There will also be a Prayer Zone where you can receive personal prayer from one of our prayer ministry team.

Watch previous Explore Together Services on YouTube.  For a couple of weeks after the service you can access many of the resources we used here: eldadchurch.org.gg/explore


Active Zone - get creative with making & colouring



Teaching Zone - listen to a short message



Media Zone - watch and listen



Chat Zone - discuss and listen to others



Reflective Zone - read, think, reflect, write



Prayer Zone - one of our Prayer Ministry Team will pray for you